Beware the Grasshopper
Hugh Panaro - Empty Chairs At Empty Tables
623 plays


Hugh Panaro - Empty Chairs at Empty Tables

Broadway; October 18, 1990

78 plays

Wandering Child  |  Hugh Panaro & Elizabeth Welch

February 20, 2014

I was going through some old audios and reminiscing about the perfection that was Hugh and Elizabeth.  And I might miss this sassy butthead just a little.

Say what you will, but my face is hella smooth after that egg white mask!

you're so blessed I envy your possession of that video. x

This is literally the reason why my camera was the best purchase I’ve ever made!  ^_^

Another really good face mask is oatmeal and yogurt if u feel weird w egg!!:)

I’ll have to try that!  I’m a sucker for face masks, so I’m always trying to find new ones to try out!  Thanks!  :)

Music of the Night  |  Jeremy Stolle

Broadway in Bryant Park

I’m trying an egg white face mask for the first time tonight and all I can think of is: ewwww…there’s a baby chicken on my face.  >_<

All I Ask of You  |  Mary Michael Patterson & Jeremy Hays

Broadway in Bryant Park

oh my god wait.... do you have a video recording of Melissa O'neil as Eponine?

Yes.  From this past Thursday night.

Phantom of the Opera  |  Jeremy Stolle & Mary Michael Patterson

Broadway in Bryant Park